Saxon Switzerland / Eastern Ore Mountains

Eisenbahnwelten garden model railway layout in Kurort Rathen health resort (in Saxon Switzerland)

Kurort Rathen / Oberrathen

A great family fun attraction ...

Under the direction of Lothar Hanisch, the world's largest garden model railway layout has been designed and installed in Rathen, just opposite the Bastei rock formation. In order to create this fantastic model railway scenery including over 250 mostly authentic miniature houses and 300 meters (984 feet) of streams and rivers, it was necessary to move 1,500 tons of soil and over 50 tons of sandstone. Numerous Saxon models, including the Weißeritztalbahn railway, Altenberg bobsleigh, towns like Pirna and Bad Schandau, all train stations of the region, a replica of the Karl May Festival and Moritzburg Castle, are the uncrowned kings of the layout. As many as 32 model trains are running through the adorable landscape. The Eisenbahnwelten model railway complex is accessible for people with impairments and includes a Bed and Breakfast, offering nature lovers the most picturesque accommodation.




Eisenbahnwelten im Kurort Rathen
Elbweg 10
01824 Kurort Rathen

Tel.: 035021 59428
Fax: 035021 59429




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opening times:

Mitte März bis Anfang November 2018
täglich 10.00 Uhr - 18.00 Uhr

Der letzte Einlass erfolgt ca. 1/5 Stunde vor Schließung.

Bitte haben Sie Verständniss dafür, dass bei starkem Regen und Sturm unter Umständen nur ein eingeschränkter Fahrbetrieb möglich ist.

admission Prices:

Kinder bis 5 Jahre 1,50 €
Kinder 6 - 16 Jahre 5,00 €
Ermäßigte 7,00 €
Erwachsener 8,00 €
(2 Erwachsene + 2 Kinder)
19,00 €
jedes weitere Kind 1,00 €