Upper Lusatia

Be active in harmony with nature!

Welcome to Germany's most eastern holiday region extending from Zittau Mountains, the smallest nature reserve in Germany, to Muskau Heath in the North-East of Saxony.

Enjoy your holiday - the most precious time of the year - with all your senses! In the Zittau Mountains, friendly hosts are awaiting you in their well-kept Umgebinde houses (traditional vernacular architecture), offering you culinary delights in a traditional environment. Here you can enjoy natural beauties and actively explore the region in many different ways. The possibilities are nearly endless, including climbing observation towers, ruins or untouched peaks; bicycling; hiking; water sports on Olbersdorfer Lake; or cross-country skiing during the winter months.

You will also find traditional crafts, centuries-old churches and monasteries both in the towns belonging to the Lusatian League (German: Oberlausitzer Sechsstädtebund) and along the Via Sacra. On the way to Muskau Heath, between the towns of Bautzen and Bad Muskau, you might get to know some Sorbian traditions such as the Vogelhochzeit (birds' wedding) and the Osterreiten (the Easter horse ride). Or you can visit the young Lusatian Lakeland, which is the largest man-made waterscape in Europe. During a ride on the Muskau Forest Railway, you will be amazed by the fantastic landscape gardens such as the Fürst-Pückler-Park in Bad Muskau, added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in 2004, or the Rhododendronpark (rhododendron park) in Kromlau. Also in the Zittau Mountains, you can experience the spirit of steam train travel every day. Regardless of whether you travel from Zittau via Bertsdorf to the Oybin or Jonsdorf health resorts, on board the historic steam trains - partly equipped with bar coaches or open-air coaches in the summer - you will experience the best way to go to these charming holiday destinations.
Stationen und Partner in der Region

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Bahnhof Taubenheim/Schauanlage Klimperch Oppach
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Taubenheim/Schauanlage Klimperch Oppach
Eisenbahnmuseum Seifhennersdorf
Stationsschild - Eisenbahnmuseum Seifhennersdorf
Bahnhof Zittau
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Zittau
Bahnhof Bertsdorf
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Bertsdorf
Bahnhof Kurort Jonsdorf
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Kurort Jonsdorf
Bahnhof Kurort Oybin
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Kurort Oybin
Maschinenhaus Löbau
Stationsschild - Maschinenhaus Löbau
Parkeisenbahn Görlitz
Stationsschild - Parkeisenbahn Görlitz
Energiefabrik Knappenrode
Bahnhof Weißwasser Anlage Mitte
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Weißwasser Anlage Mitte
Bahnhof Bad Muskau
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Bad Muskau
Bahnhof Kromlau
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Kromlau